Friday, April 6, 2012

Cottontails and Dyed Eggs

Easter is a most favorite holiday of my family. We celebrate the day with joyous hearts that we have been redeemed because HE is risen!! Wanted to share a few fun ideas with you.

Easter Sunday always starts with Sunrise Service. My family has been blessed with land in our small town. My Grandfather attended a Sunrise Service while in the Army in Greece. (Can you imagine that experience?!) He loved it and started holding Sunrise Service each Easter on the hill behind his home. This just happened to be the pasture in front of my childhood home. Each Easter, we'd wake and walk to the hill to gather for a celebration of resurection and worship. Since, I've married and now have children, it's a short drive there. However, my kids look forward to it!! It's one of the few days each year that it's easy to get them out of bed early.

One Easter we found ourselves at Satellite Beach, FL. This is the Sunrise over the water.
Easter Egg coloring is a must. Sometimes we buy the kits. Sometimes we just use the food coloring and vinegar method. Always have to have crayons to draw on the eggs first before dying them. This was a happy accident that my funny husband turned into a laugh. Sorry if it offends. When you are around boys as much as me, you learn to laugh!!
Corn flakes coated in chocolate shaped as nests in muffin tins filled with malted eggs. Have also used chow mein noodles in the past instead of the corn flakes. Yummy little festive treat.
 The dads and older kids hide the eggs. The younger kids hunt. Easter bunny ears are a must for the hiders. Isn't it fun?! We even got Buddy the dog to join in. :)

 I found this idea on They had a template. But, I found it easier to freehand cut out the ears. I used large card size, pastel colored envelopes, sealed the envelopes, cut the ears out, drew the face on freehand, glued a small pom pom nose on and filled with grass and treats for the kids.

 This was another idea. It's a vanilla cupcake turned upside down, coated in a buttercream frosting and covered in toasted coconut. They had used some other candies for the comb and feet. I improvised with red licorice candies cut to size. The nose is an almond and the eyes are silver sprinkles.

I always love the Dogwood trees in our part of the country this time of year. I've shared below the Legend of the Dogwood. Whether true or not, I still think it's a neat story and Dogwood's remind me of how blessed I am to have Jesus in my life.

The Legend of the Dogwood

At the time of the crucifixion, the dogwood had reached the size of the mighty oak tree. So strong and firm was the wood that it was chosen as the timber for Jesus' cross.

     To be used for such a cruel purpose greatly distressed the dogwood. While nailed upon it, Jesus sensed this, and in his compassion said. "Because of your pity for my suffering, never again shall the dogwood tree grow large enough to be used for a cross. Henceforth, it shall be slender, bent, and twisted, and its blossoms shall be in the form of a cross–two long and two short petals.
     "In the center of the outer edge of each petal will be the print of nails. In the center of the flower, stained with blood, will be a crown of thorns so that all who see it will remember."
from "Sower's Seeds Aplenty: Fourth Planting," # 29, p. 22

Have a Happy Easter!!! Joy!!
The Alley Kat

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