Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Joyful Baby Blue Event

Wanted to share a baby boy shower collaboratively thrown by my talented family. We are fans of the eclectic and no one pulls together shabby chic better than my Mother who hosted at her home. This table was delightful. Don't you just love the ceramic baby booties!! The petit fors came from our favorite local baker. They are a shower staple. Uncle Mike made the baby blue and white chocolate covered coconut bon bons. Yum!!

I captured the photo to the left of this children's table before it was finished. But, I had to show you the little tea set as the centerpiece. Tres adorable.

To make the diapers/nut cups, cut a 5 inch square of a printed flannel. Fold once across the middle diagonally to make a triangle. Bring the 3 corners together and pin with a small safety pin. Using metal tongs dip in melted paraffin. (Be very safe. This is a hot procedure.) Set the "bottom" on a waxed paper lined cookie sheet to set up. You can use the tongs to open the top a little and shape if needed while still hot. Once they are set and the paraffin has stiffened, you can fill with peanuts. We always put a dollop of mustard in the bottom of one to dry before filling. Whoever gets the "dirty diaper" wins a prize. It's really cute and everyone gets a kick out of it. We've each taken a turn making these. However this batch was extra specially made by my Grandmother.

Little touches are the best! These paci mints are always a favorite too! Large Lifesavers, a dab of the white icing in the tube, and a jelly belly of your color choice(s).  
Isn't the umbrella a cute centerpiece on the gift table!?

There was a little robot motif mixed in as well in some of the labels and place cards. The new baby's nursery has a robot theme but a much brighter color pallet so these were used for fun.
Every time you celebrate, you should have a little joy!!   

One of my contributions to our Italian style lunch buffet, mini caprese salads on the cutest little appetizer forks that I accidentally found looking for toothpicks.
I just love the way everything came together! P.S. Etiquette aficionados, we did scoot the silverware to the proper place before the guests arrived. ;-)
Mimi Brenda's Secret Lasagne Recipe.
Tulips wrapped in a variety of papers found in the scrap booking aisle were guest favors.

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow the cow's in the corn.
But where's the boy who looks after the sheep?
He's under a haystack fast asleep. ~ Nursery Rhyme



  1. Amy- the baby shower photos are just gorgeous. I love the little robot theme- and the colors- all the different blues- made for a fabulous palette. You are right- nobody does shower decor better than your Mom- the showe was truly beautiful. And the food-- it all looked wonderful. Love the salads on single forks-/ fabulous idea. You all did such a lovely theme- what a great day you must have had!


  2. Do you cater?!!! If so, I'm calling ya for my next soiree!! Everything (food and decor) looks sooo good!!! Love you!!! Dana

    1. Thanks, Dana! How kind of you to say! We had so much fun. It was definitely a team Slone family effort. I used to cater with my Aunt Brenda. But, don't have access to a commercial kitchen so I don't do it for hire any more. We had so much fun doing it. Amaturely dabbling in party planning though. :)

      Love and Joy!