Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine, Sweets and Whoopee(Cushions)

Had the best time dipping whatever we could find in Chocolate with Sawyer, my youngest son. And, we let the sprinkles flow. Every time I'd add sprinkles, he'd go behind me and add more. We sent these fun little sweets to his class today. Happy Valentine's Day!!! <3

Can never get enough uses out of the drink "machine" we found at WalMart last year. Taped a white heart doily to the front, filled with pink lemonade. Et voila!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry "Sundae" for the best teacher in the WHOLE world!!

Not exactly the most romantic Valentine. But, positive his elementary aged friends will love them. Sorry if you don't think it's in good taste. I grew up with 2 brothers and have 2 sons. Always try to be very lady like. But, hey, I get their humor!!! Found the free printable below at Cute blog too!

Hope your heart is filled with love today and always! Find someone that needs a hug, hand or smile today!!

L<3ve and Joy,

Update: Unfortunately, the "whoopie cushion" that we purchased at a local super store, did not hold up well at all. Most of them burst the first time they were blown up. I recommend going with another brand of mini whoopee cushions. What I originally wanted was the pink ones. But, couldn't find in town and didn't leave myself enough time to order. I found several links online where you may order them.  

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