Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little Mardi Gras Fun

Wanted to share a little Mardi Gras fun with you guys and gals! As you know, we are in KY not LA. And we really don't have any reason to nor do we "celebrate" it. I just like to do some cultural things with dinner for fun occassionally! We have a local bakery that bakes King Cakes every year and we just have to have one. They do 3 flavors: Cinnamon, Butter Rum, and Strawberry. We are equal opportunists and like them all though we only order one each year. This year we went with cinnamon. :)
The story behind the King Cake originates from the visit of the 3 Kings to the baby Jesus. Whomever gets the piece of cake with the baby Jesus figure in it is supposed to host the next party or buy the next cake. If you want to read more here's a link to a website with the story:
General info from Wikipedia:
I'm a bit of a history geek, so I'm always fascinated with the way customs start and evolve over time.
We didn't have a cajun dinner this year. But, have in the past. There's a wonderful place called Hebert's Meats where you can order and have it shipped on dry ice overnight. I really love their crawfish pie!! Here's the link to their page and menu:
Joy and Bon Appetit! Thanks for stopping by.

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