Tuesday, March 19, 2013

For the love of Quilts. (Part 1)

My Grandmother, known lovingly as Mamaw Mary Helen recently celebrated a birthday. We had a VERY small (relatively speaking) gathering of some of her handy work to honor her. Wanted to share some of this with you. I will follow up with more  of her quilts later in future blogs.

The Raggedy Anns & Andys are just a few she's made through the years. We have been blessed with gifts of her handiwork. The traditions are that her grandbabies & great grandbabies receive a handmade stocking the first Christmas, a Raggedy doll the 2nd. She has 12 grandchildren & 24 great grandchildren. (That's a lot of stitching with love!!!)
Also, she's made each of her grandchildren a full size quilt as we graduated from high school. Each great grandchild has received a baby quilt. All of those until the most recent baby quilts were quilted by hand.

She would set the quilting loom up and whomever stopped by would add a few stitches as they talked. I am the oldest grandchild so I received the first one. I cherish it. It's not included in these photos but, will be in the future. Several of my great aunts, my Papaw, my mom, aunts & several of my cousins took time to quilt a bit of my quilt.
My original Raggedy Ann is bald from being loved to death. She's the second from the left. And, YES, Mamaw made me a new one. :)

This is my niece's Dutch Girl baby quilt. This pattern was handed down to my Mamaw from her Mother.

Ethan's Nine Patch Cowpoke.

Caden's Robot Nine Patch.
My cousin Angela's (designer of my logo & background) Ohio Star full size quilt.

Brother Matthew's Lone Star Quilt.

Brother Jason's Double Irish Chain full size quilt.
Nephew Garrett's simple white fabric with quilted sailboats.

Hope you enJOYed!!! And, hopefully, we don't need the quilts for warmth too much longer here in the Bluegrass State since we are seeing signs of Spring. However, they are always great to spread out for a picnic beside the lake in the Summertime!!!!
Joy, Amy

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