Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Afternoon on River St

Several years ago, I was in Savannah, Ga on St Patrick's Day. If you don't know, this is one of the largest and longest running St Pat's celebrations in the States. It was neat. EVERYTHING was green!! Since, I've long wanted to have time to go back.

Recently, we were able to stop there for an afternoon. I'm so glad we did and can't wait to go back for hopefully a weekend. Savannah is a gorgeous city chalked full of history. Want to share a few highlights and also some thoughts on where I'll stop next time I'm in town.

To the left is a view of River St as we make a pass through in the car. I love all the levels on the buildings. When we were there for St Pat's, people were standing on the balconies dressed in green of course.

Notice the pineapples. A sign that you are welcome. I love Southern hospitality!!

This was a glance up a side street. There were architectural interests everywhere. Isn't the cobblestone gorgeous!?

The gentleman on the left was making beautiful hand crafted items out of palm fronds. I had to have the cross with the rose. Coincidentally, this was the Friday before Palm Sunday. He was very friendly but didn't have much time to talk, he was busy, busy. I could have watched him for an hour. There were several street vendors. I noticed they each had a business license/id around their neck. This appeared to be closely monitored by the local law enforcement.
River Street Sweets!!! This is a must! Their pralines are delish. You must stop by the kitchen and get a fresh, hot sample of one. When we were there, the gentleman was making chocolate pralines. They were good. But, the plain ones are the best in my book.

A praline from River St Sweets. My dessert after having lunch at One Eyed Lizzy's.
Several years ago, my oldest son started a pressed penny collection. This is our favorite memento when travelling. We stopped a couple of places and made one. This machine was inside River St. Sweets.

I always love neat signs. Found the Masonic Temple No. 1 cornerstone very interesting. First and oldest one in the Western Hemisphere. And the Mad Hatter sign...isn't he adorable?

This was taken in front of the open air market. Found lots of neat items there. I bought a beautiful hair clip made in So. Africa. There were many fun vendors and craftspeople.

This was just too pretty. Had to snap a photo. It was the front porch to one of the homes in downtown.
Wish I'd gotten a photo of the outside of this ice cream parlor.  Here's a link to their web page: www.leopoldsicecream.com/. It was a long line but passed by quickly. One of the proprietors brought a pitcher of water and cups around to all who were waiting. My brother had visited Leopold's last summer and said the kids would love it. Well, so did the adults. I tried Rum Bisque Ice Cream. One word...yum! We could also have eaten lunch here.

When I was there many years ago, we ate at a local restaurant named Love's. Wanted to go back, but it would have delayed our trip further. It was about a 20 minute drive South from River St. However, I highly recommend it. The outside of the restaurant was used in a scene from the movie Forrest Gump.

Two restaurants we noted to try next time are The Pink House and The Pirate House. Both were a couple blocks off River St. Would also, like to visit a couple of the older cemeteries. Not for any reason other than they are absolutely beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed the day with us!
Talk to you soon. Until then, enJoy!

The Alley Kat

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  1. Hi Amy-
    This all looks familiar to me! We spent one brief afternoon here and I am dying to go back. It was winter --- and COLD- so I know we would really enjoy this beautiful place in the summer!