Friday, December 30, 2011

Excited is thee word!!!

Excited is the word!! The blogosphere is where I've wanted to be for a while now. I'm just a sharing kind of gal and I like to write. :) Thee Alley Kat blog will have a look of it's own soon. Kind of boring, cookie cutterish right now. Just bear with. The perfect person is on the design job!!

There are many fun blogs I've planned for the coming year, projects to share with you, room remodels to start, parties to plan, a few trips the family and I will highlight in the blog and a few life lessons I've learned from some of the greatest people I've known. It is my hope that you will enjoy what's planned for you!!! No claims of being an expert at anything. I'm a jack of all trades/master of none. Just willing to share my experiences. Hopefully, we'll learn some things together and from each other.

First REAL blog coming in a few days!!! In the meantime, I'm going to share a few photos of some projects from the past year.

Thee Alley Kat

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